Project CP1 (Community Paradise 1)

Project CP1 – Community Paradise 1

We want to develop not only our business but also our community.
This project offers several things to the community and is also made purely for the community. 

We want to help so many people develop this is what we try to do, for example, by having people submit clips and the top 3 clips will be in the featured video.
In addition, people can participate in many activities that are organized by us.
Prizes and giveaways can be won, we want to give designers a chance to bring out their work through competition.
There will be many great things to come in the near future, as in the BETA version.



  • Featured Videos.
  • Servers.
  • Member page.
  • Join us page.
  • Subscription only page.
  • And more.
  • Connected Discord.
    Activities, Events and more.
  • Connected Socials.
    Activities, Events and more.
  • Community only website.
    Specially for the community.
  • Prices and giveaways.
    Videos, giveaways, designs, every section.
  • And more.

Release Date:
Second Quarter, 2022.