Today is a great day for TEAM Simplexy and we are so happy to announce our Fortnite team. You can visit their page by clicking here

Some incredible players has joined our team:

  • Evan Sjlejdovets | Age – 14 | Role – Flanker | Nationality – Netherland
    Bio (I’m a gamer, I like to play a lot of games and I like the game Fortnite and I’m really good at it)
  • Mateusz Omelianowicz | Age – 15 | Role – Fragger | Nationality – Poland
    Bio (I like gaming and watching movies and I like Fortnite the most)
  • Amir Osman | Age – 14 | Role – Fragger | Nationality – Netherland
    Bio (I am a gamer who started at a low level and now plays at a higher level and I tried very hard for that to get the best of the best)
  • Ridwaan Fahiye | Age – 14 | Role – Flanker | Nationality – United Kingdom
    Bio (I’m the best at Fortnite and I like playing Fortnite)

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